Kya Sapna hai,
Kya meri kahani hai,
kaha chala hai dil ka ye raasta,
kaha jaakar mujhe apni manzil ye paani hai.

Kyu jiyu mai kisi aur ke lie,
Kaun hai jiske lie likhi meri ye zindagaani hai,
Hai sab ye bas ek chalawa,
Hota raet lagta paani hai.

Dhund lenge wo asmaan,
Udenge neele gagan mai jiske,
Dur kahi likhi meri kahani hai,
Likhenge kuch iss tarah yuhi apne panne,
Sunani jisse khud ki zubani hai.

Reason to stay

There she was waiting for me something to say,
Anything for a reason for her to stay.
As I stand there searching in her eyes,
A lifeless soul there in her it lies.

As the days passes by,
Her sorrow clinged to her soulless life.
Her heart sank in the deep with no hope of light,
I moved on, so as well she might.

A heart never mistakes to love..
It just beats in other way..
You found yourself in her eyes..
In a moment, a reason to forever stay..

He was right beside her..
Yet she drowned away..
Sinking deep in the ocean..
A lonely path for her to sway..

There were moments in her life..
Leaving empty soul, trembling mind..
She let her world torn apart from inside..
Yet she became one of her own kind..

Find me a story.. Find me a heart.. Never felt despair.. Never gone retard.. A trembling mind with a lonely start.. Wished he could tell her, the feelings he guard..
Tried to strangled to those words, He was ripping his feelings apart... Never expressed what he felt for her, Yet she understood what was in his heart..
She tried to keep her face straight, Whilst her heart fought with her mind.. She found him clinged in his faith, Yet she knew he was not of her kind..
The world hasn't heard their story, The world never knew their love.. But ask from him what he wished for, Hear his heed, his desperation for his dove..



She is a star in the beautiful sky, Shining in a blackest night.. Hoping for a sun for her to rise, Ending her sorrow in its light..
Her love is like water in the ocean, Swallowing every hatred within the deep.. Still damaged like a shattered glass, Afraid to love but ready to take a leap..
Her beauty is limitless that she always deny, And a heart of gold in her is what you may find.. she loves to smile in  a brightest manner, But afraid to laugh is of what she is kind..
You may fall in love with her as you see her eyes, That's the mesmerising moment that you cant deny.. as you will fall deep for her, Your only goal will be not to make her cry..


Little Soldier

Leaves from the vines Falling so slow Memories of your life  Fading as we grow old
As the days passes by Life moves on with your soul's silver line Stars vanishing in the sky Calling you home to forever shine
They may know your name But not your story They may see your smile But not your pain They may see your scar But not the path's lane
There's your voice melody Echoing in whispering dome Calling you soldier To come home Oh little Soldier Come marching home Oh little Soldier Come marching home

Eternity Of Words

"There is something about words. In expert hands, manipulated deftly, they take you prisoner. Wind themselves around your limbs like spider silk, and when you are so enthralled you cannot move, they pierce your skin, enter your blood, numb your thoughts. Inside you they work their magic."
                                                                                             - Diane Setterfield

A quote which defines the power of words that is considered never ending. People may come And People may go but words remains forever. Words are very powerful weapon in a hands of an expert. They can either corrupt the thoughts of a person or can enhance the ability of a person. Words  can be manipulative or it can be used to enhance the ability of  person.

Eternity Of Words represent the use, power and impact of words. Words can never be replaced by anything, Words can never be changed by anyone, Words can live forever. It is the WORDS that influence many people, It is the WORDS th…